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From the start, Deana sets the tone with “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”… and the season sizzles from there!  Drawing from Holiday favorites, some previously recorded by her Dad, Dean Martin, Uncle Frank (Sinatra) and Uncle Sammy (yes, THAT Sam), Deana Martin delivers ten solid performances worthy of everyone’s Christmas listen list.  On Irving Berlin’s cherished classic, “White Christmas,” Deana is joined by legendary entertainer Andy Williams.  The meeting of these two voices makes for an instant Christmas classic. “White Christmas” by Deana Martin is one of the most refreshingly creative and swinging Christmas releases in years; a five-star festival of holiday cheer!

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Deana Martin swings into the Season with “White Christmas,” a ring-a-ding collection of Yuletide favorites worthy of Deana’s Rat Pack showbiz heritage.



One new release that was almost overlooked was Deana Martin’s White Christmas, released on 8/19/11! Deana is the daughter of Dean Martin and pays homage to his cool, laid back style in this mixed set of swingin’ and sentimental arrangements. There is even a marvelous duet with legendary crooner Andy Williams on “White Christmas”, a version that is truly reminiscent of so many beloved classics.

Jakki Jelene
‘Tis The Season 

If you’ve been wishing for a White Christmas just like the ones you used to know… your prayers have been heard and answered.  And in plenty of time for whatever festivities you might be planning.

Deana Martin is the daughter of the master himself, Dean Martin, and she has long carried on his legacy–and built one of her own–singing the songs the Rat Pack made famous in the sound and style we’ve all loved ever since.

For this Christmas set, that means nothing but the Christmas songs you know and love–some with hot swingin’ and sexy arrangements and some with that easy, relaxed, and sweet sentimentality (for which I believe her father held the original patent).  This is a Christmas album the way they used to make them, with classy and classic big band arrangements and vocals that drip like honey from your speakers, tasting every bit as sweet.

If you like your Christmases old school, you’ll surely dig “Silver Bells” and “Jingle Bell Rock” featuring the most swinging performances of those tunes ever put to disc.  It’s nearly impossible not to hear echoes of her father as Deana delivers playful takes on “Winter Wonderland” and “Let It Snow”.  “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “The Christmas Song” are appropriately cuddle worthy.  And no doubt the album’s highlight is the duet with Andy Williams on “White Christmas”–instantly unforgettable.

Check the samples at Amazon or at Deana’s web site and I’m sure you’ll agree, “White Christmas” by Deana Martin is the first must-buy holiday album of the season.


“Deana Martin makes Christmas swing again.”

Sid Mark
Sounds Of Sinatra
Nationally Syndicated

“Deana has added BEAUTIFULLY to our Holiday mix!”

Chick Watkins-Program Director
Dial Global Networks
National Music Radio

Deana does it again! No better way to start the holiday than with a Martin family member, and a friend of my show. She’s spectacular as usual! Andy is wonderful as well.

Tron Simpson
Tron In The Morning
KCMN 1530 AM
Colorado Springs, CO

There comes a time in every performer’s career when everything is aligned and the results are magical. Deana Martin’s CD “White Christmas” is one of those times. This is a contemporary, swinging, and throughly enjoyable holiday favorite.

Deana takes creative turns with these standards that makes them fresh & enticing. I especially like her take on “Jingle Bell Rock” and her beautiful duet with Andy Williams on the title track. Deana’s voice has a strength and charm that is unique. Her creative styling makes this CD the perfect complement to the holiday season.

Far and away, Deana’s best CD to date. She has come into her own with this holiday collection. No need to stand in the shadow of her famous papa. Deana is a legitimate star. She has created a Christmas collection that will be part of our family’s holiday celebration for years to come.

Jeff Gehringer – Program Director
The SPA KSPA AM 1000 / KFSD AM 1510
San Diego/Anaheim, CA

What a perfect arrival for the 2011 Christmas season. Deana sounds great, the arrangements are spot on and how could you top an appearance by the legendary Andy Williams??

This CD should be an automatic add for anyone programming Christmas music and the White Christmas duet with Andy Williams is easily one of this year’s best!!

David Hendrickson
WJUB 1420 AM The Breeze
Plymouth/Milwaukee, WI

Christmas came early this year, via U.S. Mail!

As far as I’m concerned, Deana Martin’s CD, WhiteChristmas is indeed, a breath of fresh air! The selections …the orchestrations… and Deana’s musical know-how, should make this the premier Christmas entry of 2011.

Bill Miller
Host “Bill Miller Show”
National Radio Syndicators, Inc.

“Your father would be very proud. Your silky rendition of his songs and these three brilliant Holiday songs are delightful. I await with tremendous anticipation for next years Christmas album to be released. The response from our listeners is overwhelming and is a sincere and true indication of a great talent.”

John Anderson-Program Director
KBLS 102.5 FM
North Fort Riley, KS
98.5 FM
Abilene, KS
KABI 1560 AM
Abilene, KS

“Even the most wonderful Christmas songs can sometimes get a little “ho-ho-ho-hum” year after year.  That’s why it’s such a pleasure to have Deana Martin’s swingin’ treatments of these holiday classics to brighten our playlist.  The arrangements are sophisticated and really cool.  And as for Deana’s vocals,WOW, what a gift, playful, heartfelt, and a true joy to the world of music lovers.”

Dan Murphy-Operations Manager
KIXI Radio
Seattle, WA

This Christmas the snow is brighter and the tinsel glistens with more sparkle thanks to Deana Martin’s new CD, “White Christmas”. I could wax on about Deana’s superlative interpretation of each song…or how she dazzles on tunes like Silver Bells, Winter Wonderland, My Favorite Things, The Christmas Song or the other six tracks on this album. I could…but the proof is in the listening. The lady is one amazing vocalist and performer. I’d say that even she wasn’t a friend!

Lest we forget the outstanding duet of White Christmas by Deana and music legend, Andy Williams? This duet is a high spot of the season. You can imagine the two singing this together on one of Andy’s Christmas TV shows.

To all my radio Pallies, if you add but ONE cd to your Christmas rotation this year and every year…make it Deana Martin’s “White Christmas”. Which tracks are we adding on The Standards Channel? Every track!

Jim Raposa

“We have just programmed the Hottest Christmas songs of the Season into our adults digital channel, which is carried by cable systems nationwide, and we are especially hot on the title track, “Silver Bells.” Congratulations Deana Martin on putting Happy sounds back into Holiday music.”

Jack Roberts
Executive Producer
CRN Digital Talk Radio

“Deana Martin is tops on my show and the great holiday tracks will be a welcome addition to our holiday programming. Happy Holidays!”

Gene Martin
For Central Florida

Just in time for Christmas. What a great addition to my holiday music collection.

Deana Martin “WHITE CHRISTMAS” It’s great to have new versions of the standard tunes that we play this time of year. Her daddy would be proud. She puts a new feel to the season. Every cut is great and of course you know I’m loving the duet with Andy.

Gary Houser
KABI 1560 AM
Abilene, KS
KBLS 102.5 FM
North Fort Riley, KS

Just in time for holiday programming! The Deana Martin CD is superb! If I needed some new material for this season, Deana’s CD is most welcomed. Each cut on the CD is better than the next. Production, orchestration and final product are GREAT! I could not ask for a better CD to add to our playlists.

Just know I appreciate great material, this CD is a blessing for the season.

Bob Hamilton
Hamilton Communications
Consultant to Great Stations

Every year at this time we yearn for a new approach to Christmas songs, and this year Deana Martin has come through. What a dynamic album this is with a fresh approach to familiar holiday melodies, giving ussomething to appeal not only to tradition-bound listeners but those searching for a sparkling performance. The bonus is the WHITE CHRISTMAS duet with Andy Williams, but the entire set is packed with winter excitement.

Deana Martin is one of the few performers out there who has succeeded in reaching audiences of all ages, for she’s combined exquisite musical taste and bright, understanding performance with a personal touch. We of the audience feel we’re part of the Deana Martin family, so warm is her sound.

Don Kennedy
Big Band Jump
Nationally Syndicated

“We’ve rushed this right onto our playlist, and it’s most welcome. I think “Silver Bells” is especially terrific.”

David Allan
WABY 1160 AM
WUAM  “The Moon” 900 AM
Albany, Schenectady, Troy & Saratoga, NY

“These recordings are ‘the best’. The arrangements and the orchestration are outstanding, and Deana is absolutely superb.”

Jim Parsons
Host of “Showtime & Story Behind The Song”
MPG Radio Network
Nationally Syndicated

White Christmas CD is a real winner for the holiday season!

The duet with Andy Williams is one of the highlights of the marvelous collection.

I’m sure “Dino” is smiling down on “Deana!!”

Ron Della Chiesa
WPLM 99.1 FM
Boston, MA/Providence, RI

Deana Martin’s new holiday CD. “White Christmas” just arrived, containing ten of the most enduring Christmas classics ever! With Ms. Martin’s velvety-smooth vocals combined with brilliant arrangements, there exists a certain authenticity sometimes missing when other artists record Christmas albums.

Her “White Christmas” duet with Andy Williams literally blew me awav! Before I listened, though, I sort of half-cringed, hoping that Andy – now an octogenarian – still possessed his musical fastball. My concerns were unfounded. The man is nothing short of amazing – he still has that magnificent voice and pitch!

We’re recommending “White Christmas” as an immediate add on several of our radio stations. That said Deana does a marvelous presentation on each and every song on this CD. That’s why we’re recommending the other tracks be put into holiday rotation, as well.

Steve Ross – President
The Good Group, Inc.
Adult Standard Radio Consultant

“I have one big complaint. Don’t get me wrong, the three songs are terrific. Our MartiniInTheMorning.com listeners across the USA and around the world LOVE Deana’s “Silver Bells”. Her “Let It Snow”, reminds them of her Father’s quintessential recording. And Deana’s recording of “The Christmas Song” makes us all yearn for those chestnuts and an open fire. But Deana! Talk about leaving them wanting more!!! Our listeners are dying for more Deana Martin Christmas songs!

I have to add one thing – as much as we love playing music from Deana’s “Memories are Made of This” CD – there is something very special that happens when one of the Martins sing Christmas songs. I spoke with Deana on the air last week and shared this observation. Deana’s Dad always sounds like he’s having fun when he’s singing. But there’s a little more of a smile in his voice when he sings Christmas songs. The same is true of Deana. There is a child-like joy that shines through as she performs these holiday classics. And those arrangements …. Absolutely FABULOUS!

So I register this one complaint – MORE MERRY CHRISTMAS DEANA! More please!
Happy Holidays form Sunny Southern California and our listeners around the world.”

Brad Chambers
The Standard Media Group

“Best wishes from all of us at WMBS to Deana and all of people responsible for the production of this holiday surprise. We promise to share the joy!”

Timothy Schwer
Union Town, PA

My philosophy when it comes to Christmas music is ‘The more the merrier’. And since she is so good, we’ll be adding every track to our Christmas rotation with extra heavy special emphasis on the duet with Andy Williams.

That’s something very special. Every year I hope for a few good new holiday releases and my wish has come true with this one.

—Paul Richards
Program Director
Farmingdale, NY

Deana is truly a beautiful person, and this new release is over the top! What a wonderful addition to this Holiday Season. Much to difficult to select the best track!

—Warren Lawrence
WKNY 1490 AM
Kingston, NY

Deana’s album is filled with wonderfully refreshing takes on so many classics. The swinging big band treatment of Berlin’s “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm,” the loping treatment of the song Bob Hope introduced in “Lemon Drop Kid” – “Silver Bells, “ add to this her rendering of the show tune that became a holiday standard, “My Favorite Things,” and finally, her take on “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” is a most inviting version of the song.

Thanks to Deana and John Griffeth for a great gift.

Chuck Southcott
“This Is Music”

I always have loved everything Deana Martin has recorded plus the super duet with Andy Williams! I’m so happy for my longtime friends.


Gary Owens
Legendary Radio Personality

“There is no question that Deana Martin comes from  royal, musical lineage!  When you listen to Deana’s new Christmas Album, you’ll hear that the smooth delivery, and aire of cool were passed down to Dean’s gorgeous daughter!  The orchestra is phenomenal and Deana’s vocals are festive and on the money!  Dino Crocetti would be proud of his talented progeny and is surely looking down, smiling that million dollar smile!”

—Jay Isherwood,

We just received your “White Christmas” album today, and all I can say is “WOW”. Your singing and phrasing, combined with the great arrangements, make for a terrific Christmas album. You’ve honored your Dad’s name with this effort. We’ll be adding several songs to our rotation.

—Art Polimeno
Program Director

Deana brings her clean and fresh style to ten classic Christmas songs on her White Christmas album but I think she really sets herself apart on “What are You Doing New Years Eve?”  and “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm”; while at the same time delivering a version of “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” that screams for Dean to join her.

Overall White Christmas offers strong Christmas fare that’s definitely worth a listen.

—Steve Cox

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