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Destination Moon is more than an album … it’s a musical rocket ride featuring 14 seminal performances by Deana Martin. On this, her fourth album, Deana has collected 10 classic, and four new songs, each interpreted with her trademark elegance and charm. From the opening track, Deana treats listeners to an exciting program.

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Destination Moon is more than an album … it’s a musical rocket ride featuring 14 seminal performances by Deana Martin. On this, her fourth album, Deana has collected 10 classic, and four new songs, each interpreted with her trademark elegance and charm. From the opening track, Deana treats listeners to an exciting program.
Deana Martin selected these songs for their personal meaning, including selections made famous by Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin and other legends of song. Speaking of legends, Deana shares the spotlight with her father Dean Martin on Cole Porter’s “True Love.” Each selection is a glimpse into Deana Martin’s unique window to the world of pop music and The Great American Songbook.
Of the 14 tunes presented here, four new songs are showcased, including the world debut of concert favorites “Read Between The Lines,” “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That,” “Paradise” and “Stuck In A Dream With Me.”
A one-way trip to the moon takes about four days – Deana Martin pulls it off in about 45 minutes. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


 steve_lawrence3 I love your new CD “Destination Moon.” You were WONDERFUL! Everything was 1st Class – you, your choice of songs, the arrangements, the orchestra and it was produced beautifully. John did a splendid job. Your Guardian Angel would be proud … and me too. Keep up the good work Kid. Good Luck Most Sincerely. Love,

Grammy winning Singer/Entertainer – 4 time Emmy winning Actor

 carol_burnett Dear Deana – Your new CD “Destination Moon” is TERRIFIC! Thanks so much for thinking of me in such a lovely way. “True Love” is beautiful. All my love and congratulations.

5 time Golden Globe winner – 6 time Prime Time Emmy winner

 julie_budd Deana! You are an absolute delight. And exactly what the worlds needs right now! Your new CD “Destination Moon” is TERRIFIC. A first class production with a first class artist. Just GREAT! Now I know why everyone loves you.


 michael_feinstein Listening to Deana Martin’s new recording “Destination Moon” I am transported to a time when singers sang with passion and nuance, accompanied by large and lush orchestras playing arrangements that are jewels of perfection. Bravo Deana for an inspiring achievement and a great choice of songs!

Singer/Pianist/Music Revivalist
Five-time Grammy-nominated recording artist

 joe_mantegna_2 More than just her father’s daughter, once again Deana Martin proves she stands alone as a singular talent. Love to you both,

Tony and Emmy Winning Actor/Producer/Writer/Director

 regis_philbin3 Dear Deana – You sounded absolutely great on your new CD “Destination Moon.”  You sang and sold all of those great songs beautifully.

Your Dad and I are very proud of you.

Emmy Winning TV and Game-Show Host/Singer/Author
5 Time Day Time Emmy winner

 bonnie_hunt3 Listening to Deana Martin’s new album, “Destination Moon” is like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket of nostalgia. I enjoyed every track. You can hear Deana’s love in each song, and feel the connection and spirit of her father. Easy listening is a promise in this CD. Play it in your car and even the LA traffic won’t bother you.

Actor/Writer/Television Host

 steve_tyrell I’ve been listening to your album for the last two days and have enjoyed it very much.  The sound is great, the arrangements are swingin’, the production is excellent, but most of all Deana, you are kickin’ some serious ass!

Your duet with your father at the end of the album particularly touched my heart in such a beautiful way.  You both sound great together, and there is a magic between you that could not possibly exist with any other artist.

Congratulations to both of you on a job well done.  Your work on this album has me over the moon!
Singer/Entertainer/Record Producer/Songwriter/Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys

 bobbyrydel A collection of beautiful vocals, knocked-out arrangements and a perfect selection of songs make this album a joy to listen to. Also, if you haven’t seen Deana perform live you’ve missed a slice of life. Beautiful job Deana.


 gloria_gaynor3 What a delightful showcase of vocals that are presented on Deana Martin’s latest CD release “Destination Moon.” She set the bar with her “Volare” CD a few years ago, which was thoroughly enjoyable and now with “Destination Moon,” she raises the bar once again. The songs and arrangements are exceptional and this is destined to be a classic collection.”

Grammy Award Winning Artist

 dennis_bono Congratulations my dear friend Deana on a wonderful CD. “Destination Moon” shows all who listen that you have that “Martin Magic”. You sing with that same twinkle in your eye as your Dad. I can close my eyes when listening to this CD and actually hear your smile. I’m proud to be your friend and fan. Great work! Love you,

The Dennis Bono Show
“Live from Las Vegas”

 al_schmitt Working with Deana is an absolute joy. She has an amazing voice and a great sense of humor, just like her dad. She is a true professional and every hour in the studio with her was a delight. I love people with talent… and that’s Deana Martin.

Grammy Award-Winning Engineer & Producer

 nelson_demille Sandy and I loved “Destination Moon!” My kind of music, and you sound like an angel, as always. Hope you are enjoying “The Quest.” Best Regards to John.

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

 jerry_rita_vale Deana, Rita and I listened to your new album “Destination Moon” and we love it. We listened all day and we’re over the Moon. We’re proud of you and we know your dad is very proud of you too. All we just love the duet!

It’s easy listening, and everyone should have a copy of it!— RITA & JERRY VALE
Hit Recording Artist/Entertainer (39 top 100 hits) & His Beautiful Wife

 lee_hale Deana’s new album “Destination Moon” is an ear-opener! I’ve been following her career ever since she first showed up as a teenager on Dean’s TV show. Today, this gal is a swinger! Her dad, the King of Cool would be proud. Good luck with the album! I really love it.

Emmy Award-Winning Music Producer – The Dean Martin Show
Author of “Back Stage At The Dean Martin Show”

 van_alexander I love “Destination Moon.” Deana is dynamic, her intonation, diction and projection is impeccable. Her dad would be proud.

Songwriter, Bandleader, Arranger and Composer

I have just listened to a very classy album – sung by a very classy lady. It’s called “Destination Moon” sung by Deana Martin. Her voice is magical. I’m very impressed with her consistency. There are no throw-away notes, phrases or songs. Every note and word is meaningful. Suffice it to say “She’s Terrific!” Hear for yourselves. I’m a huge fan.

Recording Artist/Songwriter/Conductor

 johnny_rotella I just listened to the new Deana Martin album Destination Moon and it’s a knockout, a real smash that swings like Dean and thrills like Frank. Her version of my song “Nothing But The Best,” is just as great as Sinatra’s. I wrote hits like “Baby-O” for her dad Dean Martin and now I can feel it … I’m going to have a hit with his baby-o Deana.

Songwriter “Nothing But The Best”

 bonnie_tiegel Deana’s new CD “Destination Moon” is GREAT! We listened last night and we LOVE it!

Senior Producer Entertainment Tonight/omg!/Insider
CBS Radford Studios

 brad_chambers Deana singing Dean’s songs is a great way to get acquainted with Deana Martin. This album, her fourth, now establishes Deana as a star in her own right, and introduces HER fan base to her famous father’s, instead of the other way around.

On Destination Moon, Deana is elevated into a new musical orbit. Out of this world performances on “Stuck In A Dream With Me” and “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That” show her ability to take a life well lived and interpret a song with the benefit of personal experience.

Peggy Lee’s “I Love Being Here With You” gets the party started as Deana lets listeners to her new album know what anyone who has attended one of her live shows already knows … you’re in for a lot of fun. Standing in front of a big band and singing these songs … what’s not to love?

Many of the songs on this album are pretty well known, but Deana’s vocals, and cast of great musicians make them distinctively Deana’s, especially her swingin’ version of the title track, “Destination Moon.” On “Stuck In A Dream With Me,” “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That,” “Paradise,” and “Read Between the Lines,” Deana blazes a new trail, one that fits her very well.

In 2002, as we were launching our updated version of the “Standards” radio format in Los Angeles, composer Johnny Rotella showed up in my office to suggest we play “Baby-O,” a song he and Johnny Mercer wrote in 1962 for Dean Martin. As an afterthought, he mentioned a song he’d written for Frank Sinatra. Deana’s version of that song sums up this new collection: “Nothing But The Best.” Add her duet with Dino and it is indeed, “True Love.”
Host, Martini In The Morning

 saul_levine I was so pleased to receive the Deana Martin Album today. It will go right on KKJZ, and our Jazz Vocals Channel. This Album fills a VOID. New renditions of many of these Standards have been missing until now… Not to be overlooked is the song “About a Quarter to Nine”. I have always liked this song and its catchy melody. The only other version I am aware of is the Al Jolson version from the 1930s. Its cute, and we are going to give it airplay. Every now and then, the melody comes to me and I hum it in the shower. Now the World can be spared my version for the excellent styling of Deana.

“Tonight The Stars Will Twinkle and Shine”
President/CEO/Mt. Wilson Broadcasting
KKJZ 88.1
Los Angeles, CA

 sid_mark If you love the big band sounds from the Rat Pack era, you’ll love being here with Deana. She’s certainly her father’s daughter. Her first vocal coach, “Uncle Frank”, would be proud of Deana’s latest project.

Host, Nationally syndicated Sounds Of Sinatra

 joseph_baldassare I’ve heard it said that in order to become a great artist one must first become a great fan. Deana’s appreciation and understanding of what came before, affords her the confidence and ease in which to blend the songs of yesteryear with those of today, seamlessly weaving generations of music into one colorful tapestry. Her handpicked selections expose the listener to a sentimental journey through life’s smiles and frowns while somehow making both sentiments equally acceptable. Oh yes, music is alive and well again since Deana’s back in town! Right from the downbeat, her lush arrangements indicate an elegantly enthralling experience is in store for all. If you want to hear how it’s done, take a listen to Deana. If you want to see how it’s done, do yourself a favor and sit ringside next time she comes to a theater near you. Either way you can’t lose.

Songwriter “Read Between The Lines”

 l_russel_brown It may be cliché, but sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Listening to Deana Martin gives me the same relaxed feeling that I used to get from her dad, the coolest dude who ever walked the planet (and it doesn’t hurt that she also inherited her dad’s good looks). She clearly knows where to go for a good song. Greats from the Nat King Cole songbook, classics from Bobby Darin and Brenda Lee, plus a Johnny Mercer WW II gem for good measure. I’m honored that she chose two of mine to include here. Cole Porter’s “True Love” has always been one of my favorites, and this loving duet with her dad takes it to new territory. This set takes me back to the Las Vegas of mohair suits, white on white shirts, silk ties, alligator shoes, big pinky rings, and gorgeous dames in tight gowns with hair done up in big French twists – the Vegas that swung, and swings on this album.

Songwriter “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That” and “Paradise”

 jeff_gehringer The long wait is over! The best ambassador for contemporary standards has returned. Deana Martin is back and we welcome her with open arms.

Deana Martin’s new CD “Destination Moon” is the CD we have been waiting for. She has never sounded better on this collection. Deana has the chops to swing a standard, and also the sultry delivery for a tender ballad. “Destination Moon” is the best CD we’ve received all year! She especially shines on Johnny Mercer’s “G.I. Jive” and Peggy Lee’s “I love being here with you”. And, try not to get a lump in your throat when you listen to the duet with her famous daddy on “True love”. I can’t tell you how thirsty we were for new music from Deana.  She works hard to deliver quality music, plus tours the country to keep the excitement going. Deana and her husband John Griffeth lead the parade to promote this glorious music. We’d love to have 10 copies to give away on the air to our audience.

Thank you Deana. Once again, you’ve captured the joy of this music as no one can.

It’s Ella, Sarah, and Deana at the top of the mountain.

Program Director
KSPA/KFSD Anaheim/San Diego Radio

 john_proulx Well done Deana! You sound beautiful, and there is a certain freedom that I hear on this recording that really opens up your voice in a beautiful way. Nice choice of material, and the sound is amazing! I take it Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios did the record. He’s the master. I listened on my Bose headphones so I could catch all of the little nuances. And how about “Stuck In A Dream With Me”? I loved it Deana. I like the way you took the song and made it your own. And the orchestration was beautiful. I’m honored that you decided to record one of my songs. Again, beautiful music Deana!

Songwriter “Stuck In A Dream With Me”

 lou_simon Once again Deana Martin delivers a collection of performances that pay tribute to the songwriters and the gifts they gave us. Deana doesn’t just sing songs … she caresses the ballads, and has a ball with the uptempo tunes, putting herself in the middle of it all like a true ‘girl singer’. Her love affair with this music and her repertoire are testaments to a treasured past and a desire to never let these songs be forgotten.

Program Director, Siriusly Sinatra, SiriusXM Satellite Radio

 vince_ferragamo I absolutely love Deana Martin’s new album “Destination Moon! Deana’s at her best, old school music done today’s way. Can’t get enough! Thank you Deana.

Superbowl Quarterback

 les_brown3 Wow! I love Deana Martin’s new CD “Destination Moon.” The Band of Renown and I had the pleasure of backing Deana for three years in various theaters and performing arts centers throughout the country. A job my father performed for her father on the Dean Martin Show for many years. During that time together she completed her first CD for Big Fish Records, which I loved. Since then there have been numerous other recordings, all wonderful, but this one takes the cake. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her in better voice. In this day and age when so many recordings are being augmented with special effects, it’s great to hear a singer who can stand there and do it without needing any help from the machines. I also love the song selection many of which were written by friends of the family. Deana and I have had the privilege of growing up in musical families and that’s given us a great appreciation and understanding of the “Great American Songbook” which she certainly displays in her phrasing and interpretation of this material. She and her husband John have always been a pleasure to work with. I look forward to her next CD. In the mean time I have “Destination Moon” to enjoy. Great work Deana!

And His Band of Renown

 k_lawrence_dunham I’m so loving this party called “Destination Moon.” WOW! What a blast! Visually stunning, musically kickin’, and vocally swingin’. You got me. I’m definitely a fan for life. I heard you do a great surprise guest set at Vitello’s one night. Then you came off the stage, walked over and shook hands with me, eye to eye and all smiles. Gee, did that feel good. I remember thinking “No wonder her fans love her.

As I write this I’m again listening to all of the tracks and, for the umpteenth time. The tune that John Proulx and I co-wrote, “Stuck In A Dream With Me”, is so beautifully done. You nailed it. You’re breakin’ my heart with joy.  Thank you.
Lyricist – “Stuck In A Dream With Me”

 ron_mcmaster Deana Martin is one swingin’ performer! As an engineer who has mastered Deana’s last three albums, I can honestly say that Deana’s style and delivery of these classics will knock your socks off. Her growth as an artist is fantastic to hear. After listening to Destination Moon I know you’ll agree that this is her best album yet! It’s as if you were front row center and she was singing directly to only you. You will hear her explode with energy in “I Love Being Here With You” and then seduce you with her soft and delicate delivery of “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That.” Destination Moon, is a musical journey into the past, featuring some of the best big band songs ever recorded. I know you’ll agree, Deana Martin is one swingin’ performer.

Mastering Engineer at Capitol Mastering

 scott_st_james I listened to this CD while driving to a business meeting.   Five times! “I Love Being Here With You” is the hands down best song chosen to be this CD’s first song.   Deana, in other words, you had me at “I Love”.

While listening to this CD, I was reminded of why I loved the many years I had the privilege of being a radio guy who was in the position of choosing and playing good music.

There are 14 songs on this CD and I liked all of them.  Do I have a few faves?  You betcha!   The song “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That” reminded me of when I was younger.   The song “G.I. Jive” reminds me of when I served a tour or two for Uncle Sam.  The song “Nothing But The Best” is a perfect description for this CD.  And the song “True Love”, a duet with her late dad Dean Martin was/is a perfect song chosen to be this CD’s last song.

Radio / TV sports Host
Los Angeles, CA

 alan_rock “Destination Moon” is a must play of my ‘Straight Ahead and Swing morning jazz show on WUCF FM Orlando. She is terrific along with the arrangements. The “True Love” cut knocked me out on how good the mix and blend of the voices were. The CD really swings.

Morning Host
WUCF 89.9 FM,
Orlando Florida

 jerry_osborne Deana Martin grew up surrounded by some of the 20th century’s foremost singers, masters of the finest songs ever written. Her father, Dean Martin, and “Uncle Frank” Sinatra, were especially influential, so it’s not surprising young Deana would continue the tradition. Fortunately, she possesses all the talent necessary to follow in such titanic footsteps.

On “Destination Moon,” Deana infuses a bouquet of classic tunes with an elegance that is respectful of the past, yet fresh and modern. Moreover, that enigmatic entity commonly referred to as “The Great American Songbook” is alive and well, and in good hands.

Each of the 14 tracks in this varied collection is perfection, from Deana’s crystal clear vocals to the superb orchestration and watertight mixing. Dino and Frank would be deliriously happy with what their little girl has done on “Destination Moon.”

And that of course brings us to “True Love,” the dynamo Deana and Dean duet that headlines this brilliant album.

Very few of these once impossible duets, achievable now thanks to binary code and microchips, recreate an authentic live duet as perfectly as does “True Love.”

Of special interest is Deana’s amazingly appropriate 35-second intro, unique to this recording – a prologue that personalizes the love shared by Deana and her “guardian angel.”

Often overlooked by reviewers is one of the most important contributors to any successful recording, the producer. For “Destination Moon,” John Griffeth wore that hat, plus many others on the list. Suffice to say, without John this project would have been something less than it is.

“Destination Moon” represents the essence of The Great American Songbook. Don’t leave Earth without it.— JERRY OSBORNE (“Mr. Music”)
Author-publisher and nationally syndicated columnist

 bob_hamilton “Destination Moon” is chock full of goodies!  Arrangements superb, production superb, total CD SUPERB!  I think the total package is just plain GREAT!

Cuts I recommend to my clients are:

  1.  I Love Being Here With You
  2. GI Jive
  3. Destination Moon
  4. Nothing But The Best
  5. True Love (duet)

Our format has been starved for great product.  The timing is right for a lot of exposure.  The cuts are sung so well. The songs match Deana’s style, voice and great material. Yes, I love it!

This CD is a total winner!!

Consultant To Great Radio Stations

 chuck_southcott Deana Martin has done it again.  This time, however, she’s shown even more extraordinary and inventive taste.  Peggy Lee’s marvelous “I Love Being Here With You” is a prime example of something that has always been able to take those lucky enough to hear it “To the Moon.”   Deana, continuing to be full of rewarding surprises includes Dubin and Warren’s “About a Quarter to Nine” in a properly saucy style.

As rough as 1943 was for all Americans, it did leave us with a delightful bit of Mercer magic in “G.I. Jive” and Deana takes us right to the Hollywood Canteen with her treatment.  Finally, all I can say to Deana after hearing her duet with daddy Dean on “True Love” is thank you.

After hearing “Destination Moon” we can all agree the Eagle and Deana Martin have landed!

Southcott Productions – ”This Is Music” – Syndicated Show
Granada Hills, CA

 jack_roberts Comments about Deana Martin’s fabulous new CD, “Destination Moon”, flow in, and despite not being on the air any longer, may I add my voice to the chorus singing her praises.  The CD is her best yet, and the warmth and passion combined with the ability to “sell” each song to the listener is remarkable. Of course, her classic duet “True Love” with her Dad is very inspirational and my favorite cut on the CD is, “I Love Being Here With You”.  But all 14 cuts are superior, so pick up this great collection today”.
Hollywood Hills
 albert_george_schram “Destination Moon” is a wonderful album! Deana sounds fresh as a daisy! These are great tunes that were written for her, and some are being heard for the very first time! She owns them! Great fun to listen to her backed up by this great big band playing rocking arrangements!

Let’s add some more strings and do a symphony show!— ALBERT GEORGE SCHRAM
International Maestro and Symphony Conductor

Deana is absolutely and most joyously her father’s daughter!! “Destination Moon” is her best work yet. Love you guys and Congratulations on another hit!!

Tour Manager and Producer

 gary_owens3 I LOVE Deana Martin’s “Destination Moon!” ‘WOW’ for the duet with her Dad Dean on “True Love!” As you know, I shared a dressing room with Dean during those Glory years at NBC!

Legendary Television and Radio Host

 bill_miller Deana Martin’s new CD, “Destination Moon” sent me into an INSTANT ORBIT!

I love Deana and will be spotlighting all 14 tracks in the weeks and months to come. Please set me up with a Deana Interview. She’s easily one of my favorite showmakers and a great talent of the “Great American Songbook.” “Deana is a WINNA”— BILL MILLER
Host The Bill Miller Show

 dick_robinson Pull back on the control stick and head for the Moon. PLEEEZE, do yourself a big favor and pick up Deana Martin’s newest release, “Destination Moon.” It is in our opinion, her greatest album. I promise, “Destination Moon” will put you in a fabulous mood! It’s absolutely the greatest therapy! Get “Destination Moon,” Deana Martin’s newest and greatest album! Deana takes you to the MOON and BEYOND with help of great musicians and friends like engineer Al Schmitt, arranger/conductor by Charles Calello and her spot on producer (and handsome Husband) John Griffeth!!! OMG — WOW!!!! IT’S A MASTERPIECE!!!! Our 70 plus Stations that carry American Standards by The Sea ‘LOVE IT!’  Now I know the reason why I bought a new FM station (that’s going live Dec. 2013 in Palm Beach County) … It’s to play Deana’s album “Destination Moon” 24/7.

American Standards By The Sea
– National Syndication

 jim_raposa One of the great pleasures of a new Deana Martin release is hearing her continue to stretch her artistic muscle with each performance and that is definitely the case on “Destination Moon”. This is Deana Martin interpreting these songs with the maturity of a performer who really gets the lyric.

The other reason it’s such a kick when Deana releases a new album, is her superior musicianship. She learned her craft well from performers who define the essence of hall of fame performance. Speaking of hall of fame, you can’t beat her electronic duet with Dino. Awesome!

Already playing the following tracks on The Standards Channel: I Love Being Here With You, Break It To Me Gently, Destination Moon, and True Love.


 david_allen I consider “Destination Moon” to be Deana Martin’s BEST CD yet and we’ve loved all her earlier work too. But on this one, the orchestrations, the song selection and the insouciance with which Ms. Martin performs, bring her to a whole new level. Today (Monday) is an Intro Day for “Destination Moon” which means we’ll be playing every selection throughout our four-hour afternoon show.

What a delight to hear Ms. Martin do “Frim Fram Sauce,” and then shift gears to “Break It To Me Gently.” She has never “sold” songs better. “Paradise” is a surprise addition, as are “Stuck In A Dream With Me” and “Read Between The Lines.”

“True Love” with Dean Martin is obviously loaded with the affection for her father, which was spelled out in her book “Memories Are Made Of This.” Not a false note in either.— DAVID ALLAN
WABY Radio

 doug_miles Deana Martin continues to outdo herself in excellence. Her latest CD “Destination Moon”, captures the essence of her Dad’s legendary show business persona while adding her own unique style to the 14 outstanding tracks presented on this album. Mixing standards with some new material, Deana swings like Dino, Frank and Sammy did on stage in Las Vegas. Deana’s duet with her Dad on “True Love” through the magic of technology is destined to be a classic all by itself.

“Big Band Files”
WTMY Radio
Sarasota, FL

Deana Martin is in the spotlight this month on 1420 AM The Breeze here in Wisconsin. Our listeners are definitely talking about the beautiful duet, “True Love”, featuring the King of Cool Dean Martin. We’d love to talk with Deana about her “Destination Moon album an the Father-daughter duet that’s crating a real buzz in the music world.

Operations Manager
WJUB “The Breeze”
Plymouth, WI

 ron_della_chiesa Love the new “Deana Martin: Destination Moon CD”. The duet of Cole Porter’s “True Love” with her dad made me cry! Deana can be proud of her latest effort. How can you go wrong with great songs and terrific arrangements?

Boston, MA

 warren_lawrence Deana Martin is a true musical treasure. A terrific entertainer and just a wonderful personality. Destination Moon is a real love affair for our listeners… the Dean duet is outstanding… the audience favorite at WKNY!

Program Director
Kingston, NY

 karl_southcott Deana Martin has pulled off another fine album!  Can’t wait to play selections from ‘Destination Moon’ on WestwoodOne’s Adult Standards format.  The duet of ‘True Love’ with her dad is especially charming.

PD, Adult Standards
WestwoodOne Radio Network-National Syndication

 tron_simpson Her best work yet!  I love her selections and it’s about time FRIM FRAM SAUCE got re-introduced to the world of music lovers!

Tron In The Morning
Colorado Springs, CO

 paul_richards All is happy in WHLI land since we received our copy of Deana Martin’s new album “Destination Moon”. She just keeps getting better and better all the time. And these explosive arrangements just don’t quit. I’ll give you an example. When I saw “Beyond The Sea” listed on the back cover, I said to myself “I’m not adding that, we already play enough versions of that song” But when I heard it, the volcano erupted before my very ears and I had no choice. So I wound up “resting’ the other versions for now. Deana has a knack of doing that with a song. This is a real fine album. I mean, you can’t go wrong with anything you choose to play from it. I added six tracks. Six that I know our audience will really love: “Beyond The Sea,” “Frim Fram Sauce,” “About A Quarter To Nine,” “Paradise,” “Nothing But The Best,” and “True Love.”

Program Director
WHLI 1100 AM
Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

 gene_martin What perfect timing, with a brand new radio show this month and my world wide web show this new CD is just what I love. As a personal friend of Deana Martin is always featured on my shows.

I cannot select a few tracks because I will use all of them. And for one of my DJ’s is in UK, I will indeed send him all the copies as well.

Deana picked some great tunes as always, and I truly must say the duet with Dad is an absolute winner.— GENE MARTIN
Ocala, FL

 don_wolff Thanks for Deana Martin-“Destination Moon”-two are in play starting now with more to come. Deana is a joy-a delight-refreshing & her happiness in singing is infectious. She is a fresh ray of sunlight-no matter her destination.


 barb_bailey Tears in my eyes listening to “True Love.”

Barb Bailey Entertainment

 don_mcculloch I’ve long been anticipating a Deana & Dean duet, and “True Love” is certainly worth the wait. And adding the nostalgic verse to the beginning of that track is extra ingenious. It now qualifies as a welcome new, familiar addition to our holiday music library!

The entire album is excellent. Charles Calello’s arrangements and Deana’s delivery are perfect together. The songs are straightforward but swinging, without a trace of schmaltz. Congratulations to all involved.

Radio Deluxe/ ”John Pizzarelli Show”-National Syndication

 chuckdauphin With a name like Deana Martin, I know you’re wondering. That sounds very close to….Dean Martin! You would be correct in that assumption, as Deana is Dean’s very talented daughter – who has carved out a very successful career in her own right. At the same time, the songstress isn’t running from her heritage. Rather, she stands as the keeper of the flame when it comes to the music and legacy of one of entertainment’s true icons.

If you love that special kind of music, you’re going to be a huge fan of this album. Romance is the name of the game, and Martin delivers time in and time out with such standards like “Beyond The Sea” and “About A Quarter To Nine.” Alas, there is a side of love called heartbreak, and she delivers a few songs in that vein – such as the timeless “Break It To Me Gently,” which she handles very effectively.

But, for the most part, Destination Moon is chock full of songs that are designed to create moments with that special someone – or make you yearn for them that much more if they’re not in your life at the moment. The disc closes with a superb mix of “True Love,” featuring the voice of her father, helping to make this one unforgettable!. (I couldn’t resist that one! But, this is some amazing music for the ages!)

Music News Nashville

Deana Martin has done it again with her just released CD, “Destination Moon”. Just like her previous releases, Volare & Memories Are Made of This, Ms. Martin embraces the role of big band swinger and ballad chanteuse with ease. My favorite songs are “I Love Being Here With You”, “Destination Moon”, “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That”, “GI Jive”, & the finale of the album, “True Love”, a wonders of technology duet with her father, the King of Cool, Dean Martin, on the Cole Porter classic, “True Love”, and you can feel that love for her father as Ms. Martin sings with her dad’s voice. Thank you Ms. Martin for another classic album and creating your OWN legacy of music that never goes out of style. Also check out her Christmas release, White Christmas, featuring a duet with the late, great Andy Williams.

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Reading about all the well-deserved accolades on Deana Martin’s new CD, I just have to get my 2 cents worth in. My favorite cut is Peggy Lee’s “I Love Being Here With You,” written by Peggy & Bill Sluger. I was Peggy’s Indy record promoter back in the 50’s for three years. Deana’s carrying the family name beautifully and her album “Destination Moon” is a winner. And much of the great sounds that we hear should be credited to her husband/producer John Griffeth and mixed by Al Schmitt. Great Team.

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Destination Moon is the “Total Package”. Beautiful voice, great orchestration, wonderfully balanced, polished, flawless.

Our favorite cuts:

  • I Love Being Here With You
  • Beyond The Sea
  • About A Quarter To Nine
  • Where Did You Learn To Love Like That
  • G.I. Jive
  • Stuck In A Dream With You. (nice guitar solo)
  • True Love (very special)

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